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The need for long term followup of #gastricbypassreversal patients with and without Gastroparesis…

Important Disclaimer: I’m not a clinically trained medical or mental health professional and not trying to play one on the internet.

Important identifying information though about this blogger: I am though a long term reversal patient who’s been blogging about gastric bypass reversals for over 6 years with a 6 continent reach, other than in Antarctica.

I’m hoping by writing this blog to put out there in the internet a need for long term followup of gastric bypass reversal patients with and without Gastroparesis.

For those of us who have gastric bypass reversal induced Gastroparesis, there’s very little information out there, like nothing.

Oddly the catalyst for my writing this, as a 18 year status post lap rny patient who had an open rny gastric bypass reversal over 9 years ago, got Gastroparesis as a result from reversal, is that a bout of non diabetic facial cellulitis that was treated inpatient with a lot of IV antibiotics, a month ago, that caused c-diff, almost immediately,  actually having Gastroparesis tempered the c-diff and vice versa and I’m questioning on whether or not to resolve the c-diff for that reason, as my Gastroparesis has been more problematic as I’ve gotten further out from my reversal up until getting c-diff 3 1/2 weeks ago.

There is NO information for either surgeons or reversal patients on long term studies on overall wellbeing of reversal patients, other than they are better off being reversed and a few on weight topics post reversal.

While I might be the only patient to question given my unique health history of whether or not to treat a serious infection like c-diff, I can’t be possibly be the only reversal patient who’s Gastroparesis has been problematic and getting worse over time, post reversal.

Whether or not this gets the attention of the ASBMS, I guess remains to be seen.

I just didn’t want any gastric bypass reversal patient struggling with Gastroparesis to think they were alone and while it’s not common but not unusual for both non reversed rny patients to get Gastroparesis like their rare reversed peers, it does happen and it’s not researched and studied like it should be, which is the reason this blog is being written.

Important note: This blog in NO  way contradicts the important work myself and others do, non clinically and clinically for those who need a gastric bypass reversal, to think that they shouldn’t have one,  because of the potential of possibly getting Gastroparesis.

Important Update 2-21-2020: I did end up 3 weeks ago taking the Vancomycin. In the end, as I am no longer living by myself, as of the last 2 months, I did not want to risk giving c-diff to my boyfriend.

It doesn’t seem to have resolved after a 2 week course of Vancomycin, 125 mg oral q.i.d a week later and I have a lot of pressure in my right ear, as it seems like as a result of Vancomycin.

However, I think it’s hard especially for a non clinical professional to assess something of this nature, there is no information whatsoever, on the internet of c-diff post op gastric bypass reversal patients with Gastroparesis.

And I think had I not had Gastroparesis, the c-diff would’ve been much worse but it’s hard to again determine what is what, given my unique circumstances, I’m sure that having a ventral hernia and also an iguinal hernia, doesn’t help.

The original antibiotic regimen to treat the non diabetic cellulitis was IM Rocephin the day before hospitalization, IV Clindamycin and IV Augmentin and I was sent home from urgent care and urged to continue oral Augmentin and Clindamycin.

I think even more studies need to be done in using heavy duty Vancomycin for c-diff, I understand why oral antibiotics have to be used to treat it, I just wish there were other treatment options with less severe side effects and a more predictable recovery.

Nothing I should say should deter a patient who’s being treated for cellulitis or c-diff in lieu of clinical medical physician evaluation and treatment recommendations.

If I find out that the Vancomycin wasn’t effective or caused permanent issues, I will write another update.

I just thought the blog in itself and the update was important, given the fact there is NO other information on gastric bypass reversal patients with Gastroparesis who get Clostrumid Difficile.

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