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This is closer to the Super Bowl of my DREAMS….


Sadly, the pic above is NOT the Super Bowl, if it was, I’d be so happy now, except it’s spaghetti.

And I’m a Buca ZitiWiithExtraRosaRicottaSpinachMushroomsChickenShrimp fanatic.

Unfortunately, this particular “super bowl” I managed to miss on social media, when it broke a world record at Buca Di Beppo at their Anaheim location in March of 2010.

Although I’m sure that I’m Downtown Minneapolis’s Buca’s record breaking customer by being the most picky, polite but grateful to go customer, like EVER.

Unfortunately, while I’m trying to remain kinda positive and slightly silly, as I’m usually a super serious activist/blogger, who loves super quiet and  lives in the WORST  location possible for that, by being 4 1/2 blocks away from where Super Bowl LII is to take place, and about 1-5 blocks from any other major Super Bowl activity that’s going to/or is already taking place in Downtown Minneapolis.

So I’m NOT sorry at ALL for wishing there was SUPER BOWL OF ZITI with my special instructions, all and just for me, right about now.

I’m happy for those who are enjoying that the location of SB52, is in Minneapolis.

I’m just not one of them.

And I’m going through some serious Buca Ziti withdrawal.

But at least, if  I’m cranky and silly, at least I’m concise for once!!!

SO, if you also happen to wish for a different kinda  “super bowl”, feel free and share what kind of “super bowl”  with me.

And if you’re a hater, feel free and keep quiet, for once, K?

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