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Safety advice for visitors of #SBLII activities from a local peep….


(above pic credit, taken on my block, by me, from my $40 smartphone 1-28-18)

Trigger Warnings/Disclaimers: I’m an activist, not a clinically trained professional in medical or mental health issues, nor trained in law enforcement/security.

Cold enough for ya? Those 4 words are common here, in the #BoldNorth, from locals, whether they are natives or not (I’m a transplant over 40+ years, born in NYC)

But, I’ve resided in Downtown Minneapolis for the last 5 years.

As the last, but still a lot of major festivities to take place here in Downtown Minneapolis (I know there’s activities all over the Twin Cities)¬† I’m choosing to help with advice for those who will be visiting my neighborhood, whether it be the concerts and parties in Downtown Minneapolis tonight and tomorrow, and before and after and including the Super Bowl, tomorrow.

Here’s some GREAT advice on how to stay and be safe for the remainder of the weekend:

1. Dress warmly for the weather. It’s a warmup for those of us who are local, but with the snow today and the super cold that will be coming back tonight and it will be super cold tomorrow, for the rest of the events before and after the big game.

And unfortunately, it can be a matter of minutes, to exposed skin in super cold,for frostbite to set in.

Try to prevent that by dressing warm, know the signs or ask for help, if you’re not sure.

2. Allot a LOT of time, to get to your destination, whether or not you’re already staying in Downtown Minneapolis, whether you’re driving, taking transit or walking.

3. Respect traffic laws, and be patient, courteous and present and focusing your concentration without distractions, whether you’re in a vehicle or on foot while getting to your destination.

There will be traffic snarls. And because of the cold, it’s tempting, when walking to one’s destination, to try to run a traffic light, whether in a vehicle or on foot.


With all the planning and resources allocated for keeping people safe, use common sense, be patient and courteous with concentrating on safety of yourself and others, when traveling to your destination by focusing on that and nothing else.

It’s better to arrive late to a destination, than to be the cause of yourself or an innocent other/s, who could be injured, if not killed, because of being in a hurry, impatience and/or being distracted and/or impaired.

(editorial note/update : PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK AN INTERSECTION, in hopes to get to your destination, faster, because traffic is slow or stopped. I didn’t think I’d have to spell this out, when stating the above. One should NEVER do this. But doing this near U.S. Bank stadium could hinder emergency first responders who need to get to or bring back patients to the level 1 trauma center next to the stadium with potential of consequences that could be fatal to someone, on Super Bowl Sunday)

4. There is safety in numbers and staying safe, by keeping your valued humans and your valuables, close to you. Keep your phones, keys and money on different parts of your person and vary that up, within your group.

5. Have fun!!! But please don’t get so inebriated and/or distracted or ill tempered, that¬† you’re risking your safety and health and/or that of others.

Hope this helps EVERYONE to have a safe and super fun time here in Minneapolis!!!

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