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“The Customer is ALWAYS right”….. A quote that was ingrained in me before I became disabled working most of my life in customer service, which truthfully isn’t true, if I’m going to be honest.

If I am going to be more honest, I made a lot of online purchases the weekend before last. 2 of the items were messed up. The first item I received, was a jacket from Sears, not only did I get the wrong jacket, I got the wrong size. They credited me immediately, no other questions asked.

The second purchase that was a disaster, which was a jacket that I had purchased from Avenue. The pleather jacket that I received had severe wrinkles all over the place.

So I called their customer service to query about returning it, I was told I’d be out of the 8.95 for shipping (which is kind of excessive to begin with, all my other other purchases were free s/h or a nominal amount which I received quicker than this wrinkled jacket).

The only way I could have a chance of getting my full money back was sending pictures of the product, which I did. Unfortunately I could not send a picture of the entire jacket with tags and the wrinkles, so I sent 5 different pictures which was NOT to the satisfaction of Avenue.

I also don’t live close to a retail post office, living in Downtown Minneapolis and I was loathe to to spend anymore money and time, as I had been arguing all day with their customer service department who insisted that the jacket had to come back for me to get a refund for the product and it would be minus the shipping and handling.

I finally asked them to cancel my account, which took another 3 queries, but they finally did.

I also contacted my bank to reverse the charge, which they did immediately, not even asking for all the correspondence that transpired between Avenue and I.

I don’t feel good about getting my money back from Wells Fargo.

The company that should’ve reimbursed me for the wrinkled jacket which I’ll either donate to charity, otherwise it needs to be brought to the cleaners to get all the wrinkles out IS Avenue.

There are no longer Avenues in the state of Minnesota for the last several years  and I realize why. They have overpriced stuff, where items the rare time it’s good quality, is not of good value, unless you luck out on rare occasion when there is a sale.

While I know in my case, the extreme aggravation that I experienced is now over, I feel sorry for any of their future customers who think shopping online getting subpar merchandise and having to be financially penalized somehow, is normal.

Is it is NOT. Let the buyer beware, going forward.

There are too many plus size female clothing companies that treat their customers with the respect (which the agents were NICE, the problem was they weren’t willing to do anything for me) and who will take action to benefit the customer when they’ve been wronged and/or inconvenienced by a purchase, that should not cost the customer so much time or to be out of any money.

I don’t blame the reps who nicely but didn’t help me with my order this weekend.

I blame the company that has policies that antagonize a customer, when the company itself, has made the mistake.

While I won’t hold my breath for Avenue to reimburse Wells Fargo for this purchase, I wish they would, because it’s the right thing to do.

In the meantime, I’ll just stick to shopping online with Torrid, that has better customer service, cuter clothing options and on the rare occasion they make a mistake, they take action to rectify it and aren’t scammy with shipping and handling costs.

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Editorial Note: After begging Avenue to delete my account this weekend, because I didn’t want to think about them or the item I purchased, I received this morning an email to review the item and their customer service. Seriously, Avenue? Seriously????

I did though, I dare them to publish it. We’ll see….

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