It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

OH MY GAWD, OH MY GAWD, OH MY GAWD….. (um… please don’t sue me, Shane)….

I’m honestly not throwing shade with above title of this blog.

I saw above video, about 40 minutes after Shane posted it, yesterday.

Even though I don’t want to be famous, I am a disheveled looking non wearing makeup disabled obese recluse who HATES social media like Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Snap etc.

But I do love me some You Tube.

And I fucking REALLY  love Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and to be fair, Trisha Paytas, which is how I found Jeffree and Shane on there.

While the activist part of me, loves trying to understand the psyche of those who try or those who actually find fame and fortune on social media.

Having that fascination, in addition to needing a outlet being a serious life and death poor non monetized blogger activist serves me well and where other influencers and the topic of beauty comes up that doesn’t serve others well, will be a topic for ANOTHER blog.

In the 27 years as a local, that Mall of America has been around, I’ve been there to meet a somewhat famous person, ONCE.

That was Mother’s Day weekend in 2014, to thank Laura Sobiech during her book signing regarding her son Zach Sobiech’s life and death and how they inspired me as an activist, which I blogged about and also still raise money on occasion for The Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund at CCRF.

As a non monetized blogger, I’m not writing this blog for an attention grab.

It’s literally one of my worst nightmares to think of becoming or going fucking viral, it’s fucking traumatizing these days to think of taking a selfie and posting it on social media, which I manage to do like quarterly, on Facebook.

It’s not that I wouldn’t mind being rich, I’d LOVE that.

My personality, however, though is not conducive to being or becoming famous.

I think that’s what is part of the appeal with me, given the fact I don’t watch many vloggers.

That Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson in addition to being extremely talented businessmen (and Trisha Paytas whether you love or not love, is also killing it), are charmingly real and multi-faceted complex humans and while it’s fun to live vicariously with their wealth, they are just as entertaining when they are eating Taco Bell.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, meaning, I can wish others who want or obtain fame and fortune, as well as looking their best, the best, even though I have different aspirations and I am differently abled.

So while it’s hard for me to raise my hand to put on eyeshadow and not gauge one of my fucking eyes out, I’m hoping that Shane and Jeffree’s collaboration is a big success.

As I am grateful that they share their life journeys on You Tube, where watching their videos, helps this recluse, relax.

And that I also wish  good things come to all, who attend their meet n greets.

For local peeps or those who don’t mind traveling, their visit to Mall of America Morphe store is scheduled at noon on 11-2-19 (per MOA’s  online newsletter email).

Note: Anything that is not constructive will not be posted.

Additionally, Minnesota is not a bunch of land filled with lakes and cows, populated with an occasional shopping mall (well, in all fairness it IS , but the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs are a lil more metro culturally diverse, blah blah) there’s good reason why a day after the Conspiracy launch that they’re coming to MOA.

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