It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

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Important Disclaimers: My normal disclaimers about not being a clinically professional in any matter, doesn’t apply, in these circumstances and these circumstances ONLY.

While this is a blog to achieve an activism goal, there is profanity, if profanity laced truth bomb type of blog offends anyone, please DON’T read. Thanks!!!

I didn’t want to write this blog, I figured there would be some hypocrisy in talking about someone who clearly just wants to be fucking left alone by the media and his haters.

I ONLY figured I’d give it a shot, not naming his name, and because I don’t make any money on my blogs, would make me less of a hypocrite.

I think maybe I feel so grateful to this individual because I feel less stigmatized with my own mental health issues, by him being so public about his own.

Maybe I feel I can relate to him because I cherish my privacy and am grateful that no one gives a fuck of who I am or what I do.

And that he doesn’t  have that luxury, which should be a right and necessity when people ask for their privacy and to be left alone.

Maybe because if you listen closely, he’s been telling haters and the media, to back off for a while now.

I don’t think just because someone chooses a career path that leads them to be in the public eye, that when they make it clear that they don’t love publicity, that they are fair game.

They aren’t fair game.

And this year has really NOT been fair to him.

Any mistake he’s made professionally, the size of his dick and the history of his love life and more insultingly and disgustingly, questioning how he has one, has been fodder for both haters and the media, in the last year.

Fucking knock this shit off, he’s quietly telling in the only way he knows how to tell people to back off, now it’s up to others, to say it more emphatically that it’s terrible what you’re all doing to him, it’s lazy and cruel at best, and it could be deadly, at its worst.

Do you really need a reclusive activist telling you to get your own life and some ethics, as it applies to bullying and trying to profit off a young celebrity, who needs the fucking world to just give him his privacy and to knock off the hateful and profiting bullshit ???

Consider it done, now….

Note: Nothing not constructive written about the subject of this blog or myself will published.

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