It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…


Disclaimers: No serious disclaimers, just another blog trying to be more personally positive, in my own unique way.

So, this recluse as of late, has been home since Saturday afternoon.

The last thing I did before coming home, but after I finished running errands by myself, after I went out to lunch with my boyfriend, was buy lottery tickets for Saturday and tonight’s upcoming Mega Millions drawing, as they are on the huge side, although as a poor person, I’d appreciate winning $200, let alone over $200 million.

I already know it’s 1/2 that and it would be less, if you go for a full payout versus the annuity, but hear me out and then answer in kind, of what you’d do, if you like.

When I bought the tickets, the guy asked me what I’d do with the money.

I said it wasn’t a hard decision, because I have people who I’m indebted to with endless gratitude, that no matter how much money I gave them, it would never be enough to repay them, and that I’d split it equally in favor in that way.

And that I’d start a non profit, to help other complex disability patients.

The guy smiled at me and wished me luck.

And it’s true, I’d do exactly that.

I do have debts of gratitude that I’d never be able to repay, to my kids, to my parents, to my sisters, to my nephews and to my boyfriend.

And also to my primary care physician of over 18 years, but I don’t think she’d take any money from me, so I’d donate to a charity of her choosing.

So 1/6 to Zoe, 1/6 to Zach, 1/6 to my parents, 1/6 to my younger sister and her kids, 1/6 to my younger sister and her son and the last 1/6th would be split between my boyfriend and myself.

And yeah, I’d like to start a non profit but ain’t going to lie and say I’d do all good with the money. I’d probably build a nice house on some land or buy one in my daughter’s school district.

I’d do fun stuff for people who were nice to me on social media who never had any expectation other than doing something nice for someone.

So that’s where I’d start.

Wish me luck as Mega Millions drawing is an hour…

And I’d like to hear what and why you’d do with the money, if you care to share.

Note: Again, this is meant to be a light hearted blog.

No need for lectures or hate, OK?


Editorial Note: Updates I thought that took place before publishing didn’t, so I apologize for any confusion, as while I’m usually to blame for not being clear, in this instance it was WordPress and my device, to blame.

Although I did as a recluse, manage to leave my house for over 4 hours and totally forget my Fitbit Zip, cause I’ve been home so much. So for my social media peers who follow me on there or Facebook, which I’m not going to be on for awhile, it was better for me to not worry about going home to get my Fitbit Zip, but just continue being out and about, with my health issues, just worrying about concentrating on my own personal safety.

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