It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Homelessness Kills….



Note: Like always, for anyone that is in acute medical and/or  mental health crisis, please seek attention, immediately from an offline clinically trained medical and/or mental health professional and/or facility.

The problem is, with my above “normal” disclaimer on my blogs, that if one is homeless, and sometimes, it’s the symptom and sometimes it’s the “disease” itself (I’ll elaborate as I go along and for my new readers, sometimes with my complex medical/mental health/ cognitive disabilities, it takes me awhile and a lot of words, to make a point) and it’s the one thing people can be in acute crisis for, but CANNOT get acute care for.

Homelessness does KILL. If it doesn’t physically kill someone, it kills their spirit, both young and old.

No one would’ve ever guessed before 2008,  at the age of 38 1/2,  that I would become a statistic of sorts. I was…

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