It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Um… Goodbye???

Can you hear me, NOW???

I am kinda late to the party. I just for the first time  heard Adele’s new song “Hello”.

Since I first checked it out, today, although it dropped 4 days ago, it not only set a record the day it came out, it’s now been seen NINETY MILLION times on You Tube/VEVO.

I think she’s stunning both visually and her voice both in lyrics and sound is otherwordly, breathtaking and beautiful….

And I’d be lying, if I didn’t admit going through a break up without listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You” a few times (okay maybe 400 or 500 times), but that’s beside the point.

If you’ve read previous blogs, you probably already know, I take issue with not music, but people who are stuck on former loves of their lives.

I didn’t want to unfairly judge the song, so I listened/watched the video, a SECOND time, because my first thoughts were kinda harsh and unfair. I’m like “Great, stalkers have a new anthem”, and I respect Adele’s artistry, too much, to be that much of a bitch about her music.

Now, I’m fully aware of my own hangups and why I don’t particularly care for music that deals with taking years to get over a breakup.

And for someone who also respects artists like Kelly Clarkson and didn’t like the backlash she went through when her music got more “positive” (don’t even get me started, as a body diversity activist, how angry I’ve gotten over the shit that both Adele and Kelly Clarkson have gone through about their weight) the last thing I’d want to do is disrespect any musician’s music style.

And as an activist, I know how crucial music can be as a coping mechanism, in our darkest times. So, I’m not saying that music that talks about lost love, doesn’t have a place, because it most certainly does.

So watch the video. Buy her music. And if you want, let’s start a discussion, either on my blog or on Facebook. Did you like the video/song? Did you react differently than I did (in my case where I found the video/song visually and auditorally (I know I just made up a word and obviously don’t care) where it produced a strong reaction, not necessarily, a positive one, though.

As always, you’re allowed to disagree with me, just be respectful about it, OK?

Comments on: "Um… Goodbye???" (2)

  1. I love that you are a body diversity activist. I personally LOVE Kelly and Adele (too Much I believe.) I think that What I have loved the most about the two is their believability. That they sing about what they have gone through and not some crap they have never felt, which a lot of artist do.

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