It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

The HORSE in the ROAD……..

It happened so suddenly, that I didn’t even know about it, until it was OVER.

My boyfriend and I, took a day trip to a beautiful part of the Greater Minnesota area, yesterday.

Ten minutes in our trip back  home to the Twin Cities, last night, and it was dark, and we were on a dark twisty road, going the posted speed limit which was 55 mph. I was playing with my new cell phone and my boyfriend,  slightly swerved and exclaimed,  “Did you see, that??? THERE WAS A HORSE IN THE ROAD!!! IF I wouldn’t have seen him or if he would’ve been on our side, we would’ve been most likely killed, as horses are bigger than deer and I don’t know how someone can lose track of a horse!!!”.

Now my boyfriend is pretty mild mannered most of the time, so for him to raise his voice, is a big deal. This blog isn’t about him, though.

It ain’t at least all  about the “horses in the road”, that I never saw.

It’s about all those “horses in the roads” that we NEVER see.

It’s about how we handle life after them.

I’ve had a lot of “horses in the road” in my life. I’m not talking about just what I’ve put in my blog, about having major life changing or life ruining, if not  drawn out nearly life ending experiences.

I’m talking about nearly drowning in Lake Michigan when I was 21, the year  before I’d be blessed with my 1st surprise blessing (my son) where I’d move, get laid off from my job and have a baby in a 2 1/2 week period, almost 23 years ago.

I’m talking about losing control of an automobile, almost 9 years ago, when  a driving 80 mph on a busy  freeway, in the middle lane, when I had a major oil leak and suddenly  my steering wheel locked up, my Grand Am, froze up and I was able to somehow mysteriously make it to the side of the road, get out of my car,  perfectly fine,  call 911 before my engine started on fire.

I’m talking about the tons of surprises that I’m grateful that started out with the pregnancy with my daughter, 13 years ago and that she and I nearly died from, how many scares I had with my pregnancy with her (had a lot of them, with her brother, too) and also suddenly, how we both nearly died, when she was born.

I haven’t blogged much, lately. I have been working on wanting some positive major life changes, even though the scope of my life, is so small. I’ve also been contemplating on stepping out of my comfort zone to do something different, before I get anymore disabled.

I didn’t need the “horse in the road”, to tell me to do this now.

And  I am grateful I have the wisdom to differentiate the difference between both the metaphorical and literal  “forks in the road” and “horses in the road”.

The “forks” of course, you have some time and some choice, unless you live life fast, which I don’t, of what road you want to take. The “horses” you have to improvise, quite quickly at a situation that was thrown at you and even though it’s not always a life or death situation, it still  forever changes you.

It just reinforced in me, to do what I need to do, NOW. As there was 4 feet  of space, in my possibly not being around here, this morning, to write this blog. Or to write another blog or do anything, ever again.

So while I’ll need today, to recover from the busyness of yesterday, I don’t have and I can’t wait, because I’m not guaranteed, just like no one is, that I’ll have an infinite amount of time, that I’ll have even my limited current skill sets, to get done what I want to, so that I live the best life that I’m capable of.

Carpe Diem!!!  And if I can’t seize the day, I’m still going to work on the positive life changes, for the life that I currently have, knowing that  I’m  NOT definitely guaranteed a tomorrow.

No One EVER is, though.

I’d like to hear about your ” horse in the road” life stories, now, if you want to share them and what your takeaway was from them.


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