It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Most of my social media buds (as well as offline/ “in real life” peeps) know I don’t go online Fridays. They also know that I’m not easily shocked, given my circumstances.

I don’t know why, when I came back online Saturday morning of the 22nd of August, that I was horrified to hear about a community of haters who photoshop large people into being thinner, under the guise of trying to shame people into “better health”.

I actually did write a blog about the opposite happening, a little over 6 months ago, when an artist who has a BBW fetish, photoshopped thin celebrities into being fat, which while I didn’t love that, it isn’t nearly as hurtful as these pieces of shit, who hate under the guise of health.

If I have to say this a MILLION times, I will. Size Acceptance/Fat Acceptance isn’t a conspiracy to make thin people fat. It’s a movement that anyone of any size should get behind for multiple reasons. Such as it’s not right to hate any classification for any reason (as I find thin bullying/bashing just as repugnant as fat bashing), but that fat bashing is still so socially acceptable, if not embraced. Fat phobia and fat bigotry also harms thin people, as we’ve demonized fat, so much in our society, that people die of Anorexia, because they think that being fat is the worst thing to happen to a person, so they’d rather risk dying by not eating, then risk being fat (note: Anorexia Nervosa is a complex psychological disorder that goes beyond the little of what I’m defining it as, the same could be said for Obesity, which I personally, don’t think being fat in itself, is being in a diseased state, unlike most of my fellow weight loss surgery peers and most of society. I’d believe it is a complex medical and mental health disease as it applies to those who elect to have bariatric surgery ).

Let’s get something straight, right off the bat. Any community that calls themselves “Project Harpoon” and resorts to using  hate and shame tactics to shaming fat people, doesn’t like the majority of human beings on the earth, and have to be the most fucked up, pathetic pieces of shit, that could possibly walk the earth.

People who do care about weight being a possible health issue, but care about people, would NEVER resort to hateful tactics like these pieces of shit are doing.

I’m not linking any of their hateful bullshit. Not going to risk that someone is going to profit from hatred of people from clicking on their links . I can only hope that people keep reporting their hateful antics and their sites , as hate speech.

Lastly…. And again, I’m repeating myself. You cannot gauge health based upon size or weight. You also can’t tell what people have tried to do to lose weight. Whether it be in my case where I had a bariatric surgery that FAILED me (but still defend bariatric surgery as an intervention for weight loss and understand the multiple reasons why people elect to have bariatric surgery) or the fact that I know people who’ve had weight loss surgery, lose hundreds of pounds but are still not considered thin by society, and they get judged harshly.

But NO ONE should have to feel that they have to lose weight to get respect and not be hated.

NEWS FLASH for fat phobic bigots. You don’t find a fat person attractive? That’s fine. But instead of bashing what you HATE, try apathy for that, as well as just concentrating on what you like. The world is a way too negative place, now a days to begin with. Also it might shock the fat phobic bigots that for some of us, especially women, while I’m heavy enough to be fat, I’m a “baby fat” (I’m about a size 12/14 on average) so I’m too fat for men who only like thin women . For true BBW admirers, I’m not fucking fat ENOUGH. And I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with bullshit stuff like that. Thank goodness there’s people of both genders who can appreciate people without being hateful to what they are NOT attracted to, regardless of how thin or fat, someone is.

Fucking UNBELIEVABLE!!! If  CANCER got as much attention as being fat does, there would fucking be a cure for it, by now.

Note: I am too fucking pissed to be able to write about this, WITHOUT using profanity. I’m hoping that when I’m not as outraged, I can post something that can be possibly shared, if people read this, think it has merit, but don’t feel comfortable sharing because of the profanity.

Same rules apply, people are allowed to respectfully disagree with me as it applies to weight. I will NOT publish any posts that are in support of Project Harpoon.

Comments on: "The Project Harpoon peeps can go FUCK themselves….." (10)

  1. Get in Shape said:

    Shut up fatty.

    • Awww, is that all you could up with? You lack creativity, in addition to a soul. Ya wanna photoshop a picture of mine? Maybe for thinspo? Go for it!!!

      I don’t hide from cruel and cowardly HATERS. Where’s your pic of your bangin bod???

  2. Just another person that wouldn’t have the balls to say that to your face. It’s easy to make those statements online sitting in mom’s basement.

    • I so agree, Doug…. Thank goodness for friends like you, who are hot, smart and funny, but aren’t full of themselves, or hate and would rather build people up, than attempt to them down!!! I absolutely adore you!!!

  3. Good luck in silencing the speech of everyone whom you dislike, or with whom you disagree. I’m sure you will love the world when the only permitted responses you find agree with and reinforce your preconceived ideas. I hope that nobody ever challenges you, or any of your ideas ever again. Surely then you will be truly happy. God bless

    • I’m not silencing anyone. I have people respectfully disagree with me all the time, on social media.

      I just find it repugnant a group like “Project Harpoon” where they cowardly hide under anonymity are so quick to bash fat people, without really putting themselves out there.

      Let’s get something straight, I’m not warmly welcomed by most Size Acceptance and Fat Acceptance groups, as I defend people’s right to lose weight, their bodies, their lives. But if you haven’t such as in my case, done everything to lose weight and I’m still not thin, people have no right body shaming others.

      So unless you can tell me respectfully, how there is anything positive about “Project Harpoon” that’s not degrading to women, I’m all ears and I’ll post your response.

      But it’s really not fair to judge me or make erroneous assumptions, not knowing everything I’ve been through, based upon one sentence in ONE blog of mine. Peace….

      • Free speech means that people get to say mean things, as well as things that aren’t true, things that are hurtful, and things that are considered “hate”. Trust your fellow mankind to see this Project Harpoon fad as a bunch of jerks having a laugh. Trying to silence them only draws in more attention. I have no wish to judge you, I’ve not walked a mile in your shoes. I only speak because I worry whenever I hear somebody trying to shout down a voice they don’t like with a profanity fueled rant. Trust your fellow man to see this for what it is, people are not stupid sheep that need to be protected from words and pictures. I hope everyone will have forgotten all this in 2 weeks, and free speech will remain close to your heart.

      • Fair enough. Thank you for your time in reading my blog and your eloquent response. Be well….

  4. Despite what the group may claim about their intentions, they are clearly trying to shame women. This topic is something I felt compelled to write about myself, so I can understand your anger and frustration.

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