It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

While chiming in with a very unpopular opinion, is terrifying me, I can’t remain silent. While I wrote this blog last night, I’m only publishing it, now. Because I can’t take all the hating, any longer on this man. I was more afraid to publish this blog, than I was to publish the blog I wrote about the massacre in Paris earlier this year (where I mock a TERRORIST group) or the blog that I took issue with a cop killer here in Minnesota, as he’s an example of why we need the death penalty.

But I think my reason for being afraid of consequences of this blog are understandable given the circumstances. I just can’t keep my mouth shut on something I believe is wrong.

You couldn’t be on social media yesterday (and it’s only getting worse, now, today)  without hearing about a Minnesota dentist who killed a beloved lion, Cecil, earlier this month, in Zimbabwe.

While I’ve seen this go viral, I’ve literally seen hundreds of articles be posted on social media (although I think there are thousands of articles at this point in time, at a minimum), as well as opinions from Facebook friends, that I absolutely adore, who are to an extent, justifiably, absolutely outraged that this occurred.

(Note: Although I’m a little more than mildly curious, if how many people gave a shit about lions and other animals  being poached in Zimbabwe before last Tuesday. I willl give Ricky Gervais some leeway as he’s been an animal activist before the world started hating on Dr. Palmer)

However this man has a family. His career as a dentist, is most likely, over. He’s receiving death threats. He’s being more reviled than the man who shot and killed 2 people and injured 9 people at a movie theater in Louisiana, last week.

You get people like Sharon Osbourne who says on Twitter, ” I hope that loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul..”

Um, Sharon, didn’t your “batshit” crazy husband bite the head off a bat???

Point is, Dr. Palmer,  has been tried and convicted of murder, in the court of social media by millions of people, now. And by quite a few people, who are saying that he should be KILLED in the same fashion.

Do you realize how FUCKING hypocritical this makes so many people??? I’m not saying what Dr. Walter Palmer did, was ok. Because it’s not. But you don’t show outrage for killing either an animal or human being by wishing bodily harm, if not death on a human being.

SO……PLEASE explain to me, if you treat you friends and/or your family who fish (I’d be right up there with not wanting to die by being shot with an arrow, a gun or a hook in my mouth) or who hunt other animals, like deer. like this man is being treated or how would you feel if he was a family member or a friend???

What I’ve seen now, is that a murder of an innocent animal, while extremely sad, is uniting people in droves who may differ in any other types of beliefs whether it be religion, politics, etc , in hatred for another human being.

You want to make a difference while having your voice heard about animal cruelty, violence and/or death ? Push for major restrictions on hunting animals. Period. Just make sure you INCLUDE all animals whether it be a lion, deer,a bear, cow, chicken, rattlesnake or a bee. Whether it be in Africa or North America, or anywhere else on Earth.

And  make sure you do a backround check, on any of the animals you may eat or wear, of how they died, before anyone so viciously rips apart a human being like this, ok? Because what this man is being put through, is NOT okay.

And with how many people die or are  slowly dying, a horrible death, unnecessarily due to starvation and disease in Africa, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, makes this even worse, as far as our priorities in a society of what we consider newsworthy.

And the extent people go to, to hate on another human being like this, is NEVER the answer to fighting injustice….

Update: Dear PETA, calling for this man’s death, is beyond repugnant. While I can respect the work you do for animals who are being abused or suffer a fate, like Cecil did, caring about animals and people are NOT an either/or situation. Being a poacher with a sucky hobby, doesn’t warrant a punishment that results in a human’s death.


Comments on: "In Defense of Dr. Walter Palmer…….." (4)

  1. Lisa Maria said:

    You have your opinion- as does everyone! Yours are allowed but so is everyone else’s..and what that sick horrible dentist did has created a firestorm that the world has never seen before, but- there is a first for everything! The young lady that killed the animals- the cheerleaders- she has had her life changed forever. The Vet that killed someone’s pet cat and posted it to Facebook- she found out the blow back that can happen. Sharon Osborn is paid a good salary for her opinion- and many many people want to hear it, what happened to Ozzy with that Bat has been well documented- he thought it was a rubber bat. He has apologized- he had to go to a hospital after the concert for a series of rabies shots. It was in the middle of a frenzied concert- not paying big bucks to kill a majestic animal that is so close to extinction that the government of the country he went to had the animal safe in a park- protected and being studied. Did this dentist know the animal was being lurid out of a Government Sanctuary? We will never really know. Does this country want to prosecutes him- YES! Dentist should go back and face the crime he committed! Should people threaten his life? No- but people are very angry and have every right to be angry. And with social media- this dentist many lose everything he has…welcome to the new world! He choose to do this- to make it public- now enjoy your publicity slime bag- your never going to be forgotten! So no matter your opinion- he is going to face the public. Ask Steve Bartmen how his life is after breaking the rules at a Cubs baseball game…
    Please feel free to contact me- I would be glad to debate this with you!

  2. christine hendershot said:

    You should find a more worth while cause. This guy deserves nothing, and certainly isn’t worthy of any defense whatsoever!! I am disgusted by this article! And I think it is a very good thing that people are so fired up about this.

    • You’re missing the point. I think what he did is repugnant and I don’t endorse poaching or hunting animals for sport.

      I just don’t believe he should have to worry about dying for it and or that it’s possible because he’s been globally vilified that he will become suicidal and that anyone associated with him, especially those closest to him, their lives have been changed for the worse.

      This isn’t an “article” Christine, it’s a blog. But at least I respect you enough and I’m ONLY allowing your comment because you weren’t hateful in your disagreement with me.

      That’s the point I’m trying to make. You can find people’s actions repugnant without being hateful about it.

  3. Lisa Maria- You are entitled to your opinion. You shared it respectfully. While I won’t post comments that are hateful, I have no need to debate you in what you believe. I don’t think highly of Dr. Palmer, I just don’t think that with all the horrible things that happen to both people and animals on a daily basis, that it’s fair he’s become the poster child for people to hate those who hunt for sport and call for his death.

    And as you agree with what I said, he shouldn’t have to worry about dying for what he did. Hopefully what he did will bring the necessary changes that protect deaths like Cecil’s any endangered/protected animal for being poached upon, in such a predatory way.

    However, there is only so many things I can do activism for. I concentrate on people vs. animals. That doesn’t mean I don’t abhor animal violence. I also know what it’s like to be bullied and harassed for body issues and have NO one to defend me.

    He’s being vilified more than murderers and rapists are. I don’t know if you knew who Cecil the Lion was, before yesterday or before he died. I just find it hypocritical that millions of people are outraged about the death of an innocent lion and are calling for Dr. Palmer to be killed in the same fashion, meanwhile millions of people in Africa are starving to death and are plagued with disease and no one is showing any justifiable outrage and/or concern for that.

    Peace, Lisa….

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