It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

(no copyright infringement, intended with above video)

Okay, I am feeling like due to all the activism that I do and it’s backfiring, today, to take an internet sabbatical for a couple of days. So I’m wrapping up my email after closing out social media and I run into the following email…….


Okay, I picked above song, because I honestly feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds in a boxing ring with the Russian guy in Rocky IV, today. Go to really try to rapidly wrap up some emails that should be addressed, and see the above. Maybe the Cheesecake factory isn’t in  cahoots with Target for example, where my size 16 ass on average can’t fit into their largest shirts. FINE…. And if The Cheesecake Factory is trying a marketing ploy to get “health” conscious people in, and think marketing salads and protein items will work, so be it.  I am taking a temporary break from the internet anyways, right?

Go to respond to one more email, before calling it a day on here. See that  I have new email. Telling me I’m a FUCKING absolute fraud, as a size acceptance and fat acceptance advocate, because I happen to have the following picture on Facebook. This like most of my hate, is done anonymously and my disabled ass, doesn’t give a FUCK enough nor could I figure out how to track this anyways. But this is the picture they are calling me out on…


Okay, I will be truthful like always on here. Why can’t I talk about weight loss and still be considered an asset to the Size Acceptance and Fat Acceptance communities??? Last time I checked, there wasn’t a weight requirement.  To me it’s no more fair for me just talk about my reversal and/or weight loss surgery complications, while I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything by keeping the 50+lbs off, wouldn’t it be censoring in other ways, not to make mention of it? At all??? You know how much shit I have to put up with those in the weight loss surgery community, who hate me but say gems like, “you should have been able to keep off more weight than you did, given you’re starting weight!!!” Do you realize also how  FUCKING moronic that is. If people in the weight loss surgery community don’t like hearing how FUCKING fat they were, before, their weight loss surgeries, maybe they should use more discretion than to pick on me.

Point I’m trying to make, is I AM allowed to defend myself, regardless of where hate is coming from…..

I understand better than anyone, where so much weight talk can be triggering. I try to keep my spaces safe for everyone. But I’m allowed to say what my truths, are. To expect anything less of me, is not fair to anyone. Last time I checked, NO ONE was forced at gunpoint to have any association with me, either online or offline.

So yeah, the day from HELL, is making me go offline for a little bit. And it’s amazing, not only have I not left my house today, I’ve felt so poorly, I haven’t even FUCKING left my chair. So I’m going offline. A couple of days. So don’t take it personal, if I don’t get back to you, right away. If you like me. And if you don’t, well don’t let the door hit ya in the ass, on your way out, OK???

Bye-Bye, Internet at Large. HELLO Netflix for one……


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