It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Oh the humanity……

Ok, so earlier today, on 12/30/2014, a 29 year old woman who had a concealed permit and a gun, when shopping  at a Walmart in Idaho, her 2 year old got in her purse and the gun misfired, accidentally killing her, when shopping with 4 children.

So this “story” now has trended on social media for a couple of hours. It’s not only though a news story, it’s now made her a poster child for those who believe in stricter gun control laws.

Let’s get something straight, here. Ok? The only thing we know, is in the above 1st paragraph, about this woman. While people can be grateful that that there was no more further loss of life, especially given the fact a 2 year old got a hold of a gun, that doesn’t mean she deserved to die for that reason.

This young woman was someone’s mother and wife.  Possibly someone’s daughter, sister and friend. And she’s left behind now, children who will NEVER know her, but now has a legacy, quite unfairly, on the day of her death, as an irresponsible idiot who could’ve risked other people’s lives, including children.

Guess what???  EVERYONE has done something stupid that could have had the potential to accidentally and tragically, very innocently, kill another innocent person, whether it be a stranger or someone you love, whether a child or an adult.

Instead of making judgments on a young dead mother to promote some kind of agenda or to make oneself feel superior and smarter, how about having compassion and not being so quick to judge!!!!

Just keep in mind, while social media and the internet, gives everyone the ability to share their opinions and judgments, what if this woman was your mother, daughter,sister or friend? How would you feel about that going viral and so many people passing judgment on YOUR loved one????

Rest in Peace, Veronica. My thoughts are with you, your family and friends.


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