It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Note/Disclaimer: Nothing I say should be taken in lieu of medical/mental health evaluation and treatment. If in crisis, PLEASE seek treatment immediately, from a professional or go to your closest hospital. If someone you love, care about or just know casually,  is in crisis, please seek support and or intervention services from a professional, immediately.

There’s been been a recurring theme in my blogs. Some of them are personal and are regarding my own medical, neurological and  mental health issues. However, there’s also been a recurring theme in my blogs as far as public safety and the subject of murder/suicides. That we need initiatives and services to be in place for this to get attention and need for services for intervention and prevention.

And in a society where there is so many activists who like myself who are trying to trying to reduce the amount of suicides by removing stigma, but not a lot is written by activists in the prevention of murder/suicides and what little is written by psychiatric professionals is depressing on how much we can do for prevention. My fear in dedicating a blog about this topic is numerous. While I’ve never been violent and I’m not prone to rage, the education I got in dealing with severely mentally ill people who are prone to being violent was as a PATIENT in the mental health system. And seeing in both those who had a propensity to be violent and those who didn’t, of  just how difficult it is to try and rationalize with someone whether they can help it or not, lives in such a distorted reality because of distortion in their thought processes. Whether it has a medical or mental health foundation or combination, there of.

So, my attempt in trying to raise awareness, while I’m fully aware of my own barriers, it’s still scary to do this. I am just at the point where if NO ONE else is going to say something, I can’t just can’t remain silent, any longer. In the articles that I did research on the topic of murder/suicide largely was written about patients who suffer from paranoia, hallucinations and delusions. Regardless of socio-economic factors in the patients. As people who are capable of violent crime come from all socio-economic, religious, race, sexual preference and gender backrounds.

And my “education” taught me that if anything, you can’t ration with irrational people. While the last thing I want to do as a mental health activist  is stigmatize mental illness, further, than it already is. While not all mentally ill people are capable of violence, those who are violent ARE mentally ill. Well adjusted and/or mentally balanced  people just don’t go around killing others and themselves. What’s even more scarier and why I’m specific to murder/suicides is that, it’s not unlike dealing with terrorists. You are dealing with violent and irrational people who are NOT afraid to die for their horrific irrational cause. So they to an extent, have less to lose, then someone who at least values their own lives, but not others, but just think there will be no consequences to their crimes. Whether they are delusional or NOT.

Given my activism/advocacy as a long term weight loss surgery patient and size acceptance advocate, there’s not much about Obesity that doesn’t make it on my radar. But I think that even if I didn’t have an interest in weight matters, it’s still a topic as a nation we are obsessed with finding treatment and cures for.If one is so inclined, there’s at least 100 times the amount of awareness for the prevention and treatment of Obesity vs. prevention and treatment of victims of violent crimes/murders and those who commit suicide after the fact.

But meanwhile innocent people get killed on a daily basis now just by going to work, going to school, going shopping or in cases of domestic violence that escalates and as well as many other factors,  all to the point of NO return and a body count.

This is not the blog where I choose to debate gun control. But I’ll admit that my opinion on gun control has changed. Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. People kill people with their bare hands. If they can’t access a gun, they can use the internet and figure out how to build a bomb. Gun control only gives people a false sense of security, at best, because if there is a will to do fatal harm in someone, someone who’s capable of murder, will figure out a way. Whether they have access easily to a gun or not. It’s not realistic to think we can eradicate guns. And if someone isn’t afraid to kill with a gun, they certainly aren’t afraid of to illegally obtain one.

Not everyone who kills someone is paranoid, delusional and suffering from hallucinations, even though that has been the case in some  murder/suicides, as of late. While it’s a tragedy when it happens to anyone who’s murdered, it’s more horrifying, in such as the case of the police officers who’ve been murdered in the last week and half. Who lose their lives when trying to protect innocent others (please don’t get me wrong, I think all murders are horrific, as well as the many ways people die. But this is a blog that’s addressing deaths due to murder/suicide) and I do think that police officers who risk their lives every day, to protect ours, definitely are due, specific and special mentioning.

The biggest thing that we as a society need to acknowledge what kills other people is RAGE. Whether someone is prone to being enraged as their “normal” or a set of bad circumstances leads someone to snap and even though they have no prior history of violence or mental illness, they end up killing others and sometimes themselves. I care about all these senseless murders, just like most people with a conscience who aren’t capable of violent harm, do.  Whether it’s a police officer who loses his life in the line of duty. Whether it’s a child who’s murdered by a parent during an ugly custody battle.Or a significant other who kills an ex, due a loss of a relationship. Or a person loses their life to a disgruntled ex-employee who shoots up their workplace. Or someone shoots kids and teachers in a school.

This CANNOT continue to be our norm. Nor can anyone of us, wait to care about this happening on a daily basis until it’s home, either literally or figuratively speaking. And we have to stop giving attention to those who do kill. In the mind of someone who has the propensity to be kill others, they have an irrational belief due to the attention we give murderers, that they are doing something outstanding and amazing because they’ve lost touch with all reality and can’t distinguish that life isn’t a movie or a video game. Or whatever reward they are seeking for their horrific violent and tragic acts. We ONLY should be giving attention to victims of these horrible crimes, not the murderers. Whether the murderers are alive OR dead.

What’s the solution then? Maybe, it would help by developing a consortium of top  medical, mental health professionals and non clinical professionals who are activists in working together to come up with multiple individual  patient tailored approaches to dealing with those who have the propensity to be violent. To have services in place for awareness for  starting when kids are young in schools, to dealing with this in workplaces and in society for children to adults, on how to deal constructively with feelings of anger and rage. And having specially trained people who can deal with the many people who are prone to rage but their own barriers prevent them in seeing that in themselves. To have available services and treatment options that are available that  will not penalize someone who finally recognizes that they are a threat to others and themselves of getting treatment for this, IF they get help before they harm someone. Of redirecting the negative energy it takes to execute acts of violence and creating programs that generate that effort into something positive and rewarding it, if it takes that to save lives. Which could be giving positive attention we give to those who have violent tendencies and are successfully rehabilitated. Without any stigmatization, if no one is harmed.

While this is something I’m passionate about at this point, my own barriers prevent me from doing something on my own in a major way, other than bringing attention that we need to do something NOW about this. But I am open to hearing ideas from others on what’s needed to get a major initiative in preventing murder/suicides from happening. And being part of a solution.Or if you know of major initiatives already in place,please let me know in the comment section of the blog.


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