It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

And if it does, what exactly is it? Other than a signal for illness or disease. I am talking about both severe medical and mental health/emotional pain…And I’m NOT talking about pain, such as in childbirth. And I talk about all of that as well as what’s been in the news lately that ties that together, neatly (at last I’m going to try to believe I did a good job or made some good points)

I have a QOTD/Question/s of the Day, and it’s quite offensive and potentially triggering… I am going to ask that you realize there is a purpose for me asking it and maybe it can lead to an interesting if not possibly empathetic debate…….

I understand I whine a lot about my pain levels and the reason why I do is, that it allows me to acknowledge it and move on. In some cases where it’s this bad for the last 3 days, it makes almost doing the most basic (and I live a pretty basic existence as it is) things like doing basic needs stuff like showering, walking, sitting, sleeping and throwing a frozen dinner (although I usually am food apathetic when I’m in this much pain) in the microwave, a herculean feat….

I don’t put on social media, every time I move around. I did end up getting over 5 miles in in walking, yesterday and I literally was gasping in pain with every step. But I also noticed when I was out and about, of just how many people can’t walk at all and were in wheelchairs and in scooters. I’ve been averaging  walking 15 to 35 miles a week, (despite having severe chronic pain, daily for over almost 2 decades) being literally allergic to the sun and daily migraines for the last 6 months. And my exercising is a big deal, given my medical, mental health and cognitive disabilities. And the bullying I’ve had to put up with.

I’m about to make my point. And I don’t know if it makes the difference for those who’ve had severe chronic pain issues or battle serious diangoses or not. Whether they are medical or mental health or combination of. And a lot of my buds have battled catastrophic illnesses and they never complain about it.
Here’s your QOTD/Question/s of the Day …. Would you rather have severe pain and ability or no pain and VERY little ability? I am not saying anyone who can’t walk, or has limited ability doesn’t have pain. And obviously we really can’t choose this. And for some of us who have this, it does severely limit our ability to have enjoyment in our lives. Or is it a matter of just being grateful for what you can do and do the best you can?  Is it a matter of attitude towards pain and illness and where do you fall in when it comes to interacting with people who have medical and mental health disabilities that you haven’t experienced? Or how does living with severe chronic pain and illnesses, adversely effect your life?

I was kind of thrown by the reactions to Brittany Maynard’s death. Not just the negative reaction from religious groups. But from Brittany herself where she was quick to differentiate the fact that her death wasn’t technically a suicide because she had terminal brain cancer. I was also thrown by my thoughts of right to die and it it hopefully will explain why I do the activism I do, but I have to choose my words VERY carefully.

I’ve likened serious mental illness that results in a person committing suicide as an “emotional cancer”. While I do the best I can for suicide prevention and awareness, while a lot of people can recover beautifully and live full lives with medical and mental health disabilities, some of us CANNOT. I am not saying I’m suicidal by any means. Because I’m not. But if you’ve read my earlier blogs, I wouldn’t be so quick to go public with that, either, given the fact that I did almost 16 months in the system, with a  major loss of freedom because of that one suicide attempt.

Nor do I look at Brittany Maynard’s death as a suicide. I look at it as a compassionate form of ending someone’s pain that was only going to lead to more pain and death, eventually.And I appreciate her being a perfect example why people deserve in tragic circumstances such as terminal cancer, a compassionate end. And I thought the support for her was amazing, for the most part, as well as how she chose to live her life to the end.

But AS a Mental Health activist while I look to reduce suicide, I definitely understand why people try or commit suicide and it’s still being stigmatized.

This is why I am asking and why I’m making the statements I am. I feel horrible when anyone has to suffer from anything. I’m not as smart as I used to be, but I have a lot of empathy, for even for bad experiences I’ve never had. I see that will live in a world that’s HORRIBLY judgmental. I’m glad that Brittany’s story was told the way it is, because it did bring more compassion than judgment for people who have medical terminal illnesses.

The problem is, that it also is unfortunately stigmatizing those of us who do have an enormous amount of physical pain and/or emotional and/or  mental health pain. And it’s not a kind differentiation.

So I guess I’m also asking is what is it going to take to have more of a dialogue for that? More treatments available for medical and mental health issues. While I think it’s lovely that I could Skype with a  complete stranger,  halfway around the world, I can’t understand what lengths I have to go to, to get rid of daily severe headaches and migraines (which is NOT the only medical and or severe pain I experience, I have a lot of medical diagnoses).

And lastly, instead of people like Brittany Maynard getting judged by some others and/or religious groups condemning her, I hate to break it to you, but she already like lots of people, experienced “Hell on Earth”. No one has the right to think she deserves to burn, if you believe in an afterlife. Not that we have any say so in the matter, it just makes me both really sad and angry that people can be so judgmental and lack empathy.

Instead of stigmatizing those of us who battle physical and mental health pain, we should worry about those who have pain and mental health issues, and not only do they take their lives. But they take others. This is happening every day now and while I can understand people’s pain and mental health issues, I can’t understand why, unless someone is clinically insane, why this happens and WHY no one wants to talk about it.  How about we talk about why bullying both online and off is so prevalent and why even with all the initiatives we have now to antibully, people have no problem bullying others for entertainment and recreation.

Note: I will post all comments if they are respectful. Given the activism I do both in the weight loss surgery community AND Size Acceptance and Fat Acceptance, I will not post comments that are judgmental regarding weight to others. I have no problem publishing comments that come from a personal perspective.

Also, please, I understand people do have severe chronic medical/mental health pain and don’t talk about it. I really rather not see the equivalent of “at least you are still alive”.

If you’ve never been in medical or mental health crisis and or live with a life long painful disability, you have NO idea how judgmental that i is. I have nearly died, several times due to medical reasons in the last couple of years. I’m not going to let ignorant and unkind, if not triggering comments, trigger my readers.

For my friends, peers or strangers who believe that any death other than not being compassionate to those who murder or physically and/or emotional batter people, someone is not worthy of acknowledgement and respect. Meaning I don’t have compassion when it comes to those who or try to commit homicide and then commit suicide. But I’m asking NO religious rhetoric when it comes to “right to die”

Well we will just have to agree to disagree. And I ain’t publishing those kinda comments, either.


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  1. For my friends who have chronic physical and mental health issues, my friend Chrissy wrote a blog that nailed it when it came to other people’s discomfort with our illnesses. I’m also talking about this stuff on Facebook. I’m on Facebook as Lisa Kasen and I’m on Twitter as UnstapledLisa. Because I don’t know how to do anything other than blog, I don’t know how to link stuff other than in blog or in comments. I still am gonna be blogging, anyways…

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