It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Dear Social Media Marketer(Friend/Acquaintance),

I understand that social media marketing is the wave of marketing is all the rage, right now (and the reason for this rant). Old established businesses do that, now, as well as newer businesses are trying to recruit employees and customers and it is an effective way to build up a business and customer base, quickly and less expensively .

HOWEVER, it is also kind of the equivalent of having a digital bedbug infestation, at times. After getting 27 invites, tonight alone (WTF? I only have like 290 Facebook friends), I can’t keep quiet about this anymore. Especially 9 of them being from one person, who’s never interacted with me, other than to send me a Facebook friend request.

Hey, I get it. A lot of you are looking to be able to work from home, you have families to support or roofs to provide over your heads. Not only that, even for people who DON’T have a social marketing based business, everyone on social media is at least trying to sell something. Even if it’s just ego and ideas.

AGAIN, I get it….

I also understand, that this is what you are trained to do by your organization. The thing about it is, is the people higher up aren’t having to antagonize their social media buds, this way. That’s why this minute, they are driving to fine dining establishments in their brand new Lexuses . And sadly, you are still at a level where your kinda stuck spamming all your Facebook friends from the comfort of your home and trying to generate hits on business pages, as well as personal.

Truthfully, I know who’s going to be successful . It’s people who are hungry for success, but not so obvious that their social media base, is friends first, potential customers, second. EVEN, if they believe the complete opposite.They just know better than to treat their social media buds that way. I have social media buds who could sell burqas to strippers (no offense intended, to either population) . Some of you fall in that category. But sadly, some of you do NOT. But hey,  I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. Just saying other than the case of money, MORE is NOT always BETTER 😉 . Capish?

All I’m trying to do, is suggest, that you tone your intensity and frequency down, a wee bit. That’s all….

Respectfully, Me (and EVERYONE ELSE on social media who doesn’t have the guts to say this…. )

p.s. For those of you who’ve wanted to say this, but didn’t know how, so you let the disabled blogger do it,.You’re Welcome 😉
p.s.s. For those of you who make fun of those who sell stuff but are just as obnoxious with your game invites (another pet peeve) are ALMOST just as bad. It’s like being a Kardashian but without the bank account. What’s worse is those who bombard all of us with social media marketing and complaints about game requests, I know are too busy selling and complaining, to ever get around to reading this blog.

*All respectful comments, no matter how much you disagree will be published. If not respectful, please don’t waste you’re time or mine* Thanks!!!!

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