It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

Dear Adam, 

    I had to stop following you awhile ago. While I’ve probably made an enormous amount of jokes that I hoped you’d end up one day being my kinda famous, really funny, really hot (which I thought you were before your weight loss) future Jewish husband (and I usually can’t say the H word with ease, and while I kinda doubt you’ll ever see this, I’m sure pics of me ain’t gonna float your boat) from Brooklyn (like me but I’m transplanted here in the Miniapple) who can cook, for years now. BUT, once you started losing your weight, you kinda started losing your manners…And it made me sad to see your Facebook page look like the zillion of diet pages that come in my  Facebook newsfeed on a daily basis. 

    I was fat, then thin (I had a gastric bypass a bazillion years ago and I’m also fat again) and I understand the mindfuck that can happen when one loses weight. You get a lot of attention even more than you are used to because you were already in the spotlight and already famous. While you maybe never thought you were attractive to women you may have wanted before you lost weight (I’m sure there was scores, in addition to my lil celebrity crush on ya but that you might not have wanted back) there is an interesting phenomenon when the pounds come off, it’s kind of like we get bared out in multiple ways. 

    It’s your body and it’s your life. No one says you can’t be happy for your weight loss or talk about it. There was no reason to be mean though and as defensive you got. I had already stopped following you (I’m a Medical, Mental Health and Body Diversity advocate and activist and blogger with disabilities) quite awhile ago. Telling a lady though who found your “thinspiration” comments hurtful that “she could go fuck herself…. and draw a bath with a razor” was so uncalled for. And you really didn’t apologize for it, up until now.  And now you are at risk of you losing your show and your career, it’s obvious though you are definitely losing your shit while you’ve you gained an edge.It’s gotten beyond where you aren’t just hurting yourself but other people and it’s a double edge sword and it’s very careless and reckless of you to go on this way without re-evaluating what your priorities are before you hurt more people AND yourself. And it should be more than your career and your weight loss that you should be doing this for. It’s at least what those of us who have stopped following you, would like to see from you and see you have both the career and life you’ve worked so hard for, in addition to that body. 

    You wouldn’t be the first person after an enormous weight loss, especially in your case, male and already a celebrity to go through some negative press as you try to get acclimated to the “new you”. I don’t claim to know you but the little part of me that is grateful for the  entertainment you’ve provided , would love to see ya “mensch up”…. And back on tv again, once that happens. I hope your apology is heartfelt. You can and deserve it all, once that happens…… 

           Respectfully, Lisa 

p.s. Be nice. I’m a cognitively DISABLED blogger (if that isn’t obvious) who makes no money on her blogs and it isn’t your coattails that I’m looking to ride or take advantage of, that delusional of a bad Jewish girl, I’m not…Well Anymore 😉 …Todah Rabah

Comments on: "An Open Letter to Adam Richman" (3)

  1. I love him and was so sad, devastated and embarrassed that someone I respected enough to crush on could fall so low as to tell someone something so hideous. I know we’re all human. God knows I’ve been a d€*k my fair share of times, but the apology was real, I’m dirt poor and I’ve learned the fatality of telling someone to bury themselves. I’ve been thin. I’ve also been fat and not necessarily for the reasons people think but that doesn’t matter. It’s no one’s business. What is their business is their treatment of another person.

    Great post.

  2. PS. He’s cute but I’m not as attracted as I was when he had more size to him.

  3. Chrissy, my love. I apologize for not acknowledging your comments, sooner. I agree with so much that you said. Hugs…

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