It's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you…

#FacebookIs10 / part 2….

   While my first blog in regards to Facebook turning 10, was lighthearted, this blog is not….. 

   While I watched with tears and smiles all my Facebook friend’s “Facebook Movies”, kind of in awe…

   Some things, have been haunting me for awhile as it applies to Facebook, though…. 

   I love the connection that Facebook provides us….

   But I do fear that the connection is used too often to replace what could be precious moments shared offline…

   As someone who has complex medical, mental health and cognitive disabilities and can’t control what I remember and what I don’t, and has nearly died a couple of times, in the last 10 years, this is what I have to say….. And to remind you of…

   Disregard those who bring negativity to your life both digitally and offline and are a drain on your time, resources and your spirit….And if you done this (as I have) apologize. Or realize others barriers, and forgive them for YOURSELF as well as them….. 

   Treasure and don’t ever forget to thank those who’ve been kind  and supportive to you  with whatever resource they’ve chose to share. I’ve had friends because of Facebook that I’ve never met “in real life” who’ve sent some clothes, made me presents and sent other gifts. Those who’ve enriched my life with support, education and laughter with their time, all of these things mean so much to me as far as time and resources that has been given to me….. And in return, I’ve tried to “pay it forward” as far as helping and supporting others, to the best of my abilities, which are limited….

   For my Facebook friends and my “in real life” people who’ve passed on, they’ve sadly proven life is too short. While the connections we can have online are precious, they aren’t meant to replace time offline with people you cherish. So make an effort when you can to connect offline as well (Just don’t forget to share it on Facebook, OK 🙂 ) Because you aren’t guaranteed an infinite time to create offline moments with others. We read too often about people talking about getting together, and then because Facebook and other social media sites make it easier to stay connected without having to make an effort, realize the hardest way, the opportunities can be lost when those we care about the most, we don’t make the effort to see them in person. So don’t wait, until it’s too late, OK?

  Because while Facebook is meant to mean so many things, it’s not meant to be one’s life…. I think it’s an amazing way to enrich our lives, YES. But life is meant (even for those with the most limited resources and capabilities and are homebound, like I am most of the time) NOT to be lived on social media….No one’s ever gotten to the end of their life, and said “Damn, I should’ve spent more time on a digital device and less time with people that I l love”…..So get offline and discover this really cool thing…It’s called “outside, with other people and NO digital devices”  OKAY? It can be really rewarding if you give it a chance…

But again, I am in awe of what Facebook has brought to my life and those I love and would’ve NEVER had the opportunity to have in my life without Facebook.. Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook…….



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